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Solutions Workshops

Solutions workshops
exhibitors workshops

The Solutions Workshops were the best way for visitors to discover the top offers on the market.

Real “tool boxes” for the visitor, these short presentations (45 minutes), led by the exhibitors, experts in their market, brought together strategic visions, experiences, practical advice, feedbacks, tool demonstrations, discoveries!

They were moments of privileged discussions between visitors and exhibitors to deepen and exchange views on common topics.

Schedule 2015

Monday, Septembre 21st

10.00-10.45 am: ALTAVIA

The Digital in store at the service of customer performance

Hosted by Youmna Ovazza, Chief Digital Officer / Directof of Digital, Altavia



12.15-1.00 pm: MAXXING

Delivering the Promotional Mechanisms Used By Retail Giants to All Retail Businesses

In the new digital era, competition has become fiercer than ever and the customer does know who to be loyal to. Acknowledgement, personalized offers and services, and seamless shopping experience are the keys to earn the consumer's trust. The largest retailers are fighting, investing and innovating. But what are the others doing? Can smaller retailers use the same technologies and deliver a unique shopping experience? In this case, how can they display the same promotional prowess as the biggest players? Maxxing and Salesforce offer solutions to help smaller brands jump on the bandwagon.

Hosted by José DERYCKE, Chairman, Maxxing


  • Alexis MACRELLE, Managing Director, Maxxing
  • Jean-Philippe BAERT, Marketing Cloud Director, Salesforce
  • Assia MEKRACHE, ISV Senior Partner Manager, Salesforce



4.30-5.15 pm: WINCOR NIXDORF / OPINIONWAY - Room 1

"French consumers and purchasing triggers" - Results of the exclusive study OpinionWay for Wincor Nixdorf

From old prospectus to mobile or smartwatch notification, what are the new purchasing triggers for the French consumers?

Are the paper catalog and word-of-mouth still leading? And what about social networks?

Intrusive, relevant, personalized, ... how are they perceived?

How the French people perceive the image of retailers according to the channels and media used?

What special deals contribute to thoughtful purchases as those downright unreasonable?

For which kind of offers the French consumers are more inclined to allow retailers to use their personal data?

How can the retailer take into account these elements in the animation of the customer relationship?

This workshop will detail the answers to these questions based on consumer profiles and retailers' best practices.

Hosted by Hervé Grelet, General Manager Retail, Wincor Nixdorf France


  • Nicolas Pelletier, General Manager Software, Wincor Nixdorf France
  • Frédéric Micheau, Director of opinion surveys, OpinionWay


Tuesday, September 22nd

10.00 am-10.45 am: SOFT COMPUTING

How to build a retail marketing platform, adapted to the Digital In Store, ROI-generating and customer engagement in a highly connected world?

Yesterday, you were selling products,
Today you have to offer a Digital experience to your customers, including retail store (In Store)
→ Collect, master and valuate your data!
Besides a good price / quality ratio, the consumer expects to be recognized at each point of contact. To attract, win and retain the customer, the retailer must:
• take advantage of innovations In Store Digital to bring the service,
• exploit its customer knowledge (360 ° vision) to animate the multichannel paths,
• take advantage of this opportunity to collect new data store and optimize all parameters of its offer.
Soft Computing, specialised in Digital, CRM and Big Data, will share its vision:
• how to design, develop and operate a retail marketing platform
• a step into connection with the introduction of Digital solution In Store
Example of use-case, the principle of collecting, marketing operating platform, real-time versus commercial time, etc.

Hosted by Frédéric PERONNE, Partner, Soft Computing

Speaker: Antoine MARET, Consulting Manager, Soft Computing



10.45 am-11.30 am: ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES

How to develop a customer centric strategy to multi channel success?

It’s arguable that ‘online’ has changed retail more than any other sector. And, over the last few years, as new business models have emerged and everyone jostles for position, the hot issue has been how to deliver an omnichannel experience – an experience that optimises convenience by allowing customers to buy, try and return goods by any means that suits them. While the vision is great, in reality it’s proving hard to achieve.

Today, Zebra Technologies encourages retailers to think about a "One Store" strategy which places the consumer experience at the center of their strategy. New tracking technologies, localization, networking, personal shopping, allow retailers to customize their growing customer relationships and loyalty and aim to a similar consumer experience in stores, online or on mobile.

Real time inventory visibility using RFID, accelerating the checkout speed and customer flow, ease of purchase for customers, a more effective and efficient sales force ... are some of the various benefits of a "One Store" approach that will be illustrated with concrete examples and customer testimonials such as ETAM, Pum plastiques and Norauto during this workshop.

Hosted by Elie MURA, Sales Director – Retail, Zebra

Speaker: Arnaud AFFERGAN, Mobile Solutions Manager, Rayonnance



11.30 am-12.15 pm: GENERIX GROUP

Web-to-store: How to avoid creating an additional silo between stores and online ?

Doing cross channel sales is far too often a case of piling one system on top of another to try and have in-store and online sales communicate. This results in a very complex setup in which consumers, who should be the first beneficiaries, are forced to take a backseat in projects intended to simplify their usage and seduce them but which are held back by "interface issues".

In this session, we will investigate how a unified sales approach, perfectly aligned with the online strategy, can help build tailored customer journeys (click and collect, booking, consumer wish-lists "pushed" to retailers, enhanced loyalty) including online sales that work in harmony with the in-store sales channel.

Through practical case studies, this presentation will outline examples of web-to-store best practice that will help you to find the right balance between consumer demand and outlet profitability objectives.

Hosted by Christophe KUHNER, Communication / Marketing Director, Head of the GCC range, Generix Group



12.15-1.00 pm: AIMIA

Know your customers and interact with them with just a few clicks!

Aimia is a leader of Data Driven marketing and Loyalty Analytics operating in 20 countries.

Discover our approach and our latest SaaS platforms generation. Marketers can now remain connected continuously to their customers, understand and influence their behaviour and respond to ever changing business challenges.

We’ll demo 2 platforms TRIPPS® and Smart-Button®.

From Big to Smart with unrivalled flexibility and speed: TRIPPS allows statisticians and also non-statisticians to create customer segmentations in just a few clicks. The software manages off and online transactions and interactions for 360° segmentations on any chosen products sector.

Smart Button is robust, very flexible loyalty program management SaaS Platform. Easy to integrate, it allows marketers to manage the interactions with the program members.

Aimia operates in 20 countries with 4000 associates, designs, builds and manages customer engagement and business intelligence programs for companies of many industries, providing best in class expertise and technology platforms.

Hosted by Jérôme HOMER, Associate Director Business Development, Aimia


  • Thierry AFRIGAN, General Manager, Aimia
  • Rose SUSAN, Managing Director, TRIPPS


Wednesday, September 23rd

10.00 am-10.45 am: DOLIST & MARKETING 1BY1

Omnichannel Trigger Marketing: customer engagement at the heart of your websites and offline shops

Find out how to boost your conversion rate, next purchases, average baskets… By interacting more with your customers! Triggered reactivation campaigns, post-purchase thanks, multi-devices products recommendations, ambassadors program… Review the best opportunities and strategies to adopt.

Dolist & Marketing 1By1 present concretely how to break down the boundaries between web and physical stores and help you integrate the best practices of 1to1. Triggered and ultra-personalized messages, focus on smart data to increase loyalty and revenue!

Hosted by Jean-Paul LIEUX, Associate Director, Dolist

Speaker: Benoit VENIERE, CEO, Marketing 1By1



11.30 am-12.15 pm: HOROQUARTZ

Customer Testimonial: Schedule Management Le Duff Group

"For restaurant managers, drawing up schedules is much faster than before thanks to the HQ Optimum optimisation engine: time spent is cut by half. The tool asks the right questions and chooses the right person at the right time, depending on their availability and skills, in compliance with labour regulations. It's a valuable decision-making aid, which reduces time consuming administrative tasks for directors” Agnes Ebalard, HRIS Project Manager Duff Group

Hosted by Lambert REJANY, Planning Product Manager, Horoquartz

Speaker: Agnès EBALARD, SIRH Project Manager, Le Duff Group



12.15-1.00 pm: AEROHIVE

Leveraging Wi-Fi and the Cloud to better engage with your customers

Retailers want the ability to provide a modern and compelling in-store experience to customers with personalized recommendations, simplified buying, and faster customer service. In-store technology opens up exciting possibilities for retailers, providing opportunities to deliver better customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage by driving conversion, increasing spend and encouraging repeat visits and loyalty. Join Aerohive and Cloud4wi at DIGITAL(in)STORE to find out:

  • How to leverage Wi-Fi to deliver more than connectivity 
  • Why customers should be encouraged to use their mobile devices in-store 

What leading retailers have already done to transform their stores

Hosted by Benoit MANGIN, Sales Director, Aerohive


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