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Monday, September 21



Solutions Workshop

ACSEL - Electronic commerce abroad: the legal field as key success factor

Room 8, Monday, the 21st of September - 10.00-10.45 am

Speaker: Eric Barbry, Lawyer, Alain Bensoussan Law Office, and President of the Legal Commission at ACSEL


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Plenary Conference 1

Be responsive - Understand the consumer

Plenary conference, Monday, the 21st of September - 10.00-11.00 am

Nowadays, consumers no longer have to adapt to retailers: it’s the other way round.

Consumers are looking for much more immediacy and mobility in the way they consume. They want to have the best possible offer in terms of choice, price and services whenever and wherever they want. And there are as many different buying journeys as there are consumers...

In this one-hour session, we will gain a better understanding of the new consumer expectations with the presentation of an exclusive survey conducted for Paris Retail Week by the ObSoCo institute, and testimonials from major retailers about the practical steps they have taken to meet these new expectations. 


Sabrina Bastid, Marketing/Communication Director Darty Pros & Franchise, DARTY

Nathalie Damery, Chairman, L'ObSoCo

Pierre-Marie Desbazeilles, CRM & Digital Director, GRANDVISION

Thierry Lernon, Chief Digital Officer, BUT

Christine de Wendel,  Director France, ZALANDO

Hosted by: Flore Fauconnier, Journal du Net

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Keynote Google

Digital Transformation: how companies can appropriate the major ruptures in the customer experience

Plenary conference, Monday, the 21st of September - 11.00am-12.00 pm


Jean-Marc Bouwyn, Conversion specialist, Google France

Mathieu Cervety, Manager - B2B Marketing, Google France

Jérôme Colin, Strategy consultant, Roland Berger


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Solutions Workshop

CMD -How to launch a new product by combining retail and digital 

Room 12 - Digital(in)Store, Monday, the 21st of September - 11.30-12.15 pm

Solutions workshop organised by Cercle Marketing Direct (Direct Marketing Circle), French reference network for professionals of direct and digital marketing.

Multichannel levers allow brands to effectively accompany the launch of their new products.
Decyphering and case study by Didier Presse, General Manager of Lame de Fond, with the testimony by a brand.


Didier Presse, General Manager, Lame de Fond 

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Drapeau UK

30 Years of Retailing in the U.S - Whole Foods Market: Past, Present and Future

Plenary Room, Monday, the 21st of September - 12.00-1.00 pm

Whole Foods Market, Inc. is a leading foods supermarket  chain specializing in Organic Food in the U.S. that first opened on September 20, 1980. Rob Twyman began his natural foods career in 1983, working at Bread & Circus, a small natural foods market, in Massachusetts.  In 1991, Rob started a natural foods restaurant in San Francisco, CA which he operated for two years before joining Whole Foods Market in Mill Valley, CA in 1993. 

Over the past twenty years, Rob’s career has led him across the United States with Whole Foods Market, leading various stores including three in New York City. Rob was the Regional Vice President for Whole Foods Markets’ Northeast Region from 2007-2012. Rob has been the President for Whole Foods Markets’ Northern California region since 2012 overseeing; 9,000 employees, 43 stores, a micro-brewery, a coffee-roasting and distribution facility. Rob is also an executive board member for the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Sciences and board member of The Whole Planet Foundation. 

Speaker: Rob Twyman, President Northern California Region, WHOLE FOODS MARKET

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Special Session

MMAF  – Why mobile will turn the point of sale into a screen like any other

Plenary Room, Monday, the 21st of September - 2.00-4.00 pm

What if, by digitising each step of the customer journey, mobile technology turned the point of sale into just another screen, once and for all abolishing the barrier between on & off, between e-, m- and regular commerce?

What if mobile technology could thus become a pillar of responsive retail?

Analysis of the new omnichannel consumption through its 3 main stages:

  • Bringing people in: Mobile to Store

Mobile still offers the prospect of digitising the customer catchment area in real time and optimising traffic creation via push notification & geolocated SMS. What’s the real situation in terms of impact on visits & sales?

  • Interacting & Measuring: Mobile In-Store

Beacon, QR Code , ultrasound and Wi-Fi: how can mobile help us measure audiences & develop new in-store services? A roundup of the latest technologies & solutions

  • Paying & Retaining: Mobile Payment & CRM

By virtualising payment loyalty cards, will mobile devices finally become our electronic wallets?

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Special Session

Cap Digital  – Using data to serve the consumer?

Plenary Room, Monday, the 21st of September - 4.00-5.00 pm

A versatile lever for customer engagement as well as measuring effectiveness, data is analysed and cross-referenced to predict sales, link physical and online points of sale, manage product information including stock and deliveries, optimise journeys and incorporate offers, to achieve the holy grail of ubiquity, simultaneousness and completeness.

Data lies at the heart of the new disruptive value creation models. The user, the customer, is indeed central to this transformation in the ways we “do business”. How does this change manifest itself? Startups will come and give their accounts of this trend towards the development of increasingly sophisticated behavioural analysis tools, usage innovations based on community-driven approaches, and finally on the progress of artificial intelligence and its applications for connected commerce. 


Arthur Perticoz, Founder of  WYND

Tony Pinville, Co-founder and CEO of  HEURITECH

Quentin Lebeau, Co-founder of  TokyWoky

Alban Margain, Co-founder of  BRAINEET

Hosted by:

Françoise Colaïtis, Deputy Delegate in charge of strategy, CAP DIGITAL


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E-Commerce Awards Ceremony

E-Commerce Awards 2015

Plenary Room, Monday, the 21st of September - 6.00-7.15 pm

A world where the consumer is changing the way they consume opens up new opportunities and enables companies that anticipate trends to emerge and develop by focussing on innovative concepts.

The E-Commerce Awards, which are now the best-known awards in the business, are given to innovative companies and are designed to help them grow by putting them in the spotlight.

Come and attend the 8th E-Commerce Awards Ceremony at Paris Retail Week to discover the most innovative solutions on the market today.

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