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Tuesday, September 22



Plenary Conference 2

Be responsive - On the way to an integrated supply chain!

Plenary Room, Tuesday, the 22nd of September - 9.00-10.00 am

Consumers consider it essential to know about stock availability before deciding whether to buy, want to see an expansion of click & collect, want to be able to buy an item online and return it to a store, etc.

The integration of logistics management capabilities across the entire supply chain is now an essential requirement.

Come to the conference and discover the results of an exclusive study of consumer behaviour (conversion rate, bounce rate, click rate, etc.) vis-à-vis delivery (postage costs, proposed delivery solutions, wording of the offer, default shipping method, etc.), from entering the site to placing an order.

On this occasion the FEVAD will present the results of a study by the e-commerce logistics observatory Fevad, describing delivery flows from order to receipt by the final recipient (market shares of delivery options, order preparation and delivery time, return rates and rates of delivery on the promise to the customer, all shown by product category and department).

A Supply Chain Managers’ panel also will discuss these results during a round table. 


Daniel BROCHE, E-commerce Director, BOULANGER
François MOMBOISSE, President of FEVAD
Stéphane TOMCZAK, e-logistics coordinator, FEVAD

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1001pharmacies - Cross Border, or how to reach the Chinese market in 60 days

Sponsored by Azoya

Plenary Room, Tuesday, the 22nd of September – 10.00-11.00 am

At the conference you can also watch a presentation of the Chinese Cross Border market. More than a trend, it’s a new distribution method that’s expanding rapidly, with new Chinese consumption patterns being identified: quality coming first and being sought abroad, and the emergence of International BtoC.

Speaker: Cédric O’Neill, Chairman,

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Special Session

SNCD - Social media and mobile: the new rules of the game

Plenary Room, Tuesday, the 22nd of September  11.00-12.00 pm

Content, engagement, mobile access, ads: social media have changed profoundly. The Sncd presents the latest edition of its Connect Attitude study, showing the consequences of the massive changes in social media for brands. Through this analysis, the Sncd will help you optimise the efficiency of your web marketing strategies in the new channels and essential audience crossroads.

Speaker: Hervé Pépin, Direct, Digital & Social Marketer of Sncd and CEO of Nexize

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Facebook Marketing Academy

Plenary Room, Tuesday, the 22nd of September  – 12.00-2.00 pm

Speaker: Grégoire Gimaret, Retail Lead, France

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Special Session

SNCD - EMA – Email Attitude – BtoC & BtoB: Discover the very latest trends and behaviours in email use by individuals and businesses. New surveys by the Sncd.

Plenary Room, Tuesday, the 22nd of September – 3.00-5.00 pm

  • EMA BtoC:

Email Marketing is changing, and so are user attitudes. We offer an update on the latest trends and perception of emailing by Internet users in 2015. On the programme: the impact of mobile, email and other digital channels, perception of spam, and the role of emailing in the final act of buying.

Conducted in France since 2006, the EMA - Email Marketing Attitude - BtoC survey asked French Internet users about their attitude to email marketing. The Sncd and its partner Experian Marketing Services present the latest edition of the annual Email Marketing Attitude survey, looking at trends in 2015.

  • EMA BtoB:

The Sncd and its partners for 2015 exclusively present the results of the 4th edition of the EMA - Email Marketing Attitude - BtoB survey on Internet user attitudes towards marketing emails received in a work context. This unprecedented study, involving more than 200,000 professionals spread over 3 distinct groups (VSBs, SMEs and self-employed professionals), reveals the essential indicators for targeting your BtoB email campaigns as effectively as possible.

BtoC speakers:

Benoît Enée, Director Solutions Consulting, Experian Marketing Services

Bruno Florence, online, digital, training and studies Deputy Vice-President of Sncd and CEO of Florence Consultant

BtoB speakers:

Christophe de Larquier, Founder and Associate Director, Combbase

Jean Michel Moulié, multichannel and development Deputy Vice-President of the Sncd


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Solutions Workshop

RCEQ - E-commerce in Quebec - geographical reality and market challenges.

Room 12, Tuesday, the 22nd of September  – 4.30-5.15 pm

Solutions workshop organised by the RCEQ, the E-Retailers Coalition of Quebec.

Quebec has more than 3 million Internet users who spend every year about 6 billion Canadian dollars. Nevertheless, the province suffers from a real emergence of leaders in this field and with more than 60 % of online expenses being made beyond its borders. Representing a real economic and social issue , the present but above all the future of an entire industry that is at the crossroads.
How to face the powerful US market? Why create a true entrepreneurial label ' eCommerce Quebec ' '? Local vs Global, who, what , how , where? Does Quebec lag behind?
Mathieu Halle, President and co- founder of RCEQ will address these issues, and others, with energy and passion.

Speaker: Mathieu Halle, President and co- founder of RCEQ


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