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Wednesday, September 23



Plenary Conference 3

Be responsive - Favour a tailored approach, any time, any place

Plenary Room, Wednesday, the 23rd of September – 9.00-10.00 am

Mass marketing is dead, long live Inbound Marketing! Plugging a product is a thing of the past: now it’s up to customers to come to the brands. This involves offering a personalised experience to each customer. Thanks to new technologies (Bluetooth, RFID, geolocation, sound signals, etc.), retailers can now contextualise their communications and promotions based on where they are.

They are also building a sense of closeness and loyalty among their customers by being much more attentive to them, allowing them to participate in the life of the brand, and creating services and content involving them.

Come and hear testimonials from marketing directors at this round table that will teach you a great deal about best practice in the field!

Speakers to be confirmed

Hosted by: Martine Fuxa, E-Commerce Magazine

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Special Session

ACSEL - Mobile Marketing, stakes in the BTOB customer path

Plenary Room, Wednesday, the 23rd of September – 10.00-11.00 am

Special session organised by the ACSEL, French association of digital economy.

Speaker: Florent Nosel, E-commerce and Digital Director, KILOUTOU and President of the BTOB e-Marketing Commission of ACSEL 


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Solutions Workshop


Room 12 - Digital(in)Store, Wednesday, the 23rd of September – 10.45-11.30 am

Solutions workshop organised by the French trade association representing Cooperative and associated trade partner networks.

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Keynote Alibaba

Plenary Room, Wednesday, the 23rd of September – 11.00 am-12.00 pm

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Solutions Workshop

GS1 - Improve and manage visibility of your products on the web

Room 7, Wednesday, the 23rd of September – 11.30-12.15 pm

Today, two thirds of the Internet traffic are generated by the activity of robots, including that of search engines. The use of structured data is a key to the visibility and SEO of products and brands on the web.

Discover how new strategies implemented by major online retailers (Amazon, Cdiscount, Ebay ...), to develop their market place and facilitate access to products by the consumer, are based on the generalization of a unique identification code.


Maxime Zablot, Head of Partnerships - Marketplace, Cdiscount
Marc Benhaïm, Omnichannel Category Manager, GS1 France

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Twitter Academy

Twitter Academy

Plenary Room, Wednesday, the 23rd of September – 12.00-2.00 pm

Twitter is an information platform that connects you in real time to your interests and people who share them, wherever they are. With more than 500 million tweets posted each day and 302 million active users, each interaction forges a unique link between users and gives us signals about their interests, feelings and opinions. For every company, these links are opportunities to interact with its audience and deliver the right message, at the right time and in the right context to address their issues.

The Twitter France team, represented by Sebastien Raballand, David Sourenian, Aissatou Diallo and Mathieu Gabard will present a study of Twitter users in France, a summary of new products and best practices, and three case studies of French advertisers supported by their agency.


Sébastien Raballand, Sales Manager Continental-Europe

David Sourenian, Head of Research - France

Aissatou Diallo, Sales Consultant - Commerce & Performance

Mathieu Gabard, Head of Marketing

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Special Session

CMD - Retail and Loyalty-building in the digital era

Plenary Room, Wednesday, the 23rd of September – 2.00-3.00 pm

Special session organised by Cercle Marketing Direct (Direct Marketing Circle), French reference network for professionals of direct and digital marketing.

Multichannel , data and social networking  as support to shop exposure and loyalty-building: strengths and limitations.

Norah Luttway, Marketing and Communication Director, Carnet de Vol
Isabelle Léon, Communication and Image Director, Cyrillus
Nathalie Dupas, Founder and Managing Director, BASE SUD

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Solutions Workshop

Drapeau UK

BeCommerce - The Belgian e-commerce market. The latest figures and trends of BeCommerce Market Monitor.

Room 12, Wednesday, the 23rd of September – 2.45-3.30 pm

The BeCommerce Market Monitor provides insight into to the Belgian B2C e-commerce market and aims at offering starting points for a strategic tool to all companies and organisations that are involved in e-commerce in Belgium. Besides insights into online purchases and spendings, the BeCommerce Market Monitor provides information about buyer profiles, shipping costs, payment methods en attitudes towards online shopping. The request for information about the online shopping market is so large that BeCommerce and GfK Belgium have decided to publish the BeCommerce Market Monitor four times a year. This is made possible by PostNL, Google, and Worldline.


Carine Moitier, Managing Director, BeCommerce

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Plenary Conference 4

Be responsive - Cultivate the buying experience

Plenary Room, Wednesday, the 23rd of September - 4.30-5.30 pm

The point of sale is now a lifestyle space. With point of sale digitisation and the rearrangement of store layout, retailers have everything they need to provide their customers with different, fun experiences and concepts (pop-up stores) that make them want to spend more time in store and consume more.

What strategies and tools need to be put in place? Following what roadmap? How can all teams be involved in this approach?

A look back at some winning strategies.


Anne Breuillé, Marketing Director, CAMIF-MATELSOM 

Gonzague de la Fresnaye, Shopper Marketing Director, L’OREAL

Hosted by:  Regine Vanheems, Professor at Sorbonne/ IAE Lyon. Director of Cross-channel and Connected Commerce Observatory

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