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Stands descriptions

stands descriptions

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Stand Basic+

From 9 to 49 sq.m - 524€ excl. VAT/sq.m (discount depending on registration date)*

Layout included:
  • Carpet (choice between the 3 colors below)
  • Wooden partition walls (covered with cotton - the 3 colors below)
  • 1 sq.m cupboard
  • 1 personalized banner sign 1
  • General lighting by spot of 100 W (1 per 3 sq.m)
  • A 3 kW non-permanent switch box (in the cupboard)
  • 400 € excl. VAT decoration package (gives the right to order furniture, plants via the web store of the show your furniture or plants).
  • 1 counter locking with personalized sticker 1
  • Daily cleaning (including the cleaning the evening before the opening)
  • 1 parking space

1 Subject to reception of your graphic elements before August 28th, 2015.

3 possible harmonies:
  • Partitions: Ivory / Carpet: Grey
  • Partitions: Chocolate / Carpet: Mandarin orange
  • Partitions: Taupe (mole) / Carpet: Red
Stand Basic+ - Ivory/Grey
Stand Basic+ - Harmonie Chocolate/Mandarin orange
Stand Basic+ - Taupe/Red
Images are non-contractual


Bare stand

From 16 sq.m - 270€ excl. VAT/sq.m (discount depending on registration date)*

Subscription includes: marking out of the stand on the floor with a sign on the floor repeating the stand number.

Custom specifications

From 16 sq.m - Price based on services provided and subject to quotation (excluding bare surface area)

Advice of a decorator to produce a custom concept for your stand.

Your contact: GL EVENTS

Guillaume ROUSSEL 

[email protected] or [email protected]

tel.: +33 (0)1 45 15 24 00


Start-up Village

2 000€ excl. VAT (no discount)*

Offer reserved for start-up companies: less than 2 years’ existence at the opening of the trade show (certificate of formation of a commercial company to be supplied with the registration form).
Important: inclusion in the Start-Up Village is limited to 1 event.

Layout included:
  • 6 sq.m stand
  • Carpet (colour decided by the organiser)
  • Modular partitions
  • 1 x 100W spotlight per stand
  • 1 triple power socket
  • Two-sided banner sign
  • Furniture: 1 counter, 1 stool, 1 waste bin
  • Daily cleaning of the stand
  • Power supply
Start-Up Village
Images are non-contractual

* Prices do not include the compulsory exhibitor pack for all types of stand or automatic insurance.