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E-Commerce Awards 2015 - Announcing the finalists


Comexposium unveiled today the E-Commerce Awards 2015 finalists: A selection of the most outstanding companies and innovations of the year. These mark the new requirements of a market oriented toward experiential commerce: more intelligent and connected.

The E-Commerce Awards seek to identify promising companies and innovations able to effectively provide solutions to issues faced by e-merchants, retailers and brands in general.

"For this eighth edition, we are proud to once again highlight the companies and innovations able to provide solutions for e-merchants to monitor the development of new consumer models," said Sophie Lubet, Retail Director of Comexposium.

This year, categories were revised to highlight innovations and businesses able to adapt to and even anticipate industry trends.

Start-ups will be highlighted with the second edition of the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR award. Applications are open from July 15 to September 9.

After receiving 157 applications between May and June, the E-commerce Awards jury, comprising recognized industry professionals, is proud to announce the 22 finalists in 7 categories: 

  • Logistics
  • Customer experience
  • CRM: From Lead to Customer
  • Brand Experience - *Agencies Award*
  • Technology
  • Digital Point of Sale
  • Social Commerce




By alphabetical order:




BRAND EXPERIENCE ADWAYS Adways Studio - Discovery/Bank of America Project

Discovery used the Adways solution to enrich a 'Deadliest Catch' video. 5 enrichments are distributed throughout this interactive video. Each enrichment provides access to additional content including images and text, video-in-the-video, visual information about Bank of America and a quiz.


ADWAYS Adways Studio - Kiabi Projet

Adways Studio is a disruptive SaaS Cloud platform to create interactive videos with a few clicks only. For Kiabi, the challenge was to take advantage of the visual impact of clothing in the video to entice visitors to buy directly.



Clic2Buy is a ''Buy It Now'' turnkey solution connecting brands to their distributors with a ''Buy'' button on any communication medium. The goal? Turn communications into sales points and facilitate consumer purchase journeys.



Thanks to its artificial intelligence recommendation technology, AntVoice has developed an entirely customized shop for one of France's e-commerce leaders: La Redoute

For the first time, a French e-merchant provides each visitor and customer a personalized home page with specific product, content or offer recommendations.


MOBEYE Crowdsourcing/Crowdtasking

Mobeye is a mobile application enabling retail brands to check product and advertisement installations in stores through crowdsourcing: Mobeye users earn money by making short visits to stores near their home.



Dartagnan is a SaaS platform to create responsive emails. The platform aims to make digital marketing teams fully independent across the entire production process in a simple and fun way.


CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EULERIAN TECHNOLOGIES Cross-channel tracking for people-based marketing strategies

Combining offline and online marketing data (CRM, ad and site-centric, in stores sales...) of a brand is the goal of Eulerian Analytics' new features.

The solution is able to combine all marketing data in a single interface, to accurately view the entire consumer journey, particularly cross-channel customer experiences, and adopt a marketing approach focused on visitors, called "people-based".



Card & Collect simplifies user experience and secures "click & collect". The payment card used to book goods on the web (retail) or use a proximity service (car parking) also serves as an electronic identifier to retrieve these goods in stores or use these services. Users no longer need to print codes and bar codes, or present a loyalty card. They simply insert their payment card into a payment terminal to be identified.


VIAVOO Mobile Apps Insight

Mobile Apps Insight is a new edition of the viavoo Social Play platform: continuous analysis of comments posted in mobile stores to reveal and compare key insights of the user experience (design, ergonomics, features, opinions, expectations, dissatisfactions...). Available for e-merchants as a SaaS.



Connected displays are a new generation of displays allowing each and every pixel to communicate with connected devices (phones, cards, passports...) by simply placing objects on placeholders in images. They then become a channel of Connected Commerce, engaging consumers, from impulse to transaction in less than a second, revolutionizing the customer journey.



Interactive Shopping is a software platform and dynamic interactive labels enabling contactless "mobile self-scanning" with personalized coupons.


ZEN’TO High-precision indoor notification and geolocation

The LINK software platform combined with a high-precision indoor location device (a few tens of cm) helps understanding the customer experience in stores and develop digital customer interactions at the point of sale on various media: mobile, display, audio, terminals...



Facelift Cloud is a multi-network, multi-user, all-in-one Social Marketing platform. 

Using 4 modules, the solution meets all social challenges (social accounts and pages management, community animation and engagement, social CRM, advertising, customer acquisition, brand content management, communities knowledge and analysis).


HOWTANK Click to Community

Howtank transforms the e-commerce market with an innovative concept: Click to Community.

Through community chat, website visitors are now greeted, guided and advised by their peers in real time. The main objective is to humanize the user experience by empowering the right people at the right time.


INFLUENCE4YOU Influence4Brands

An affiliation platform between e-retailers and influencers on social networks.

It enables brands to easily benefit from traffic and support of YouTubers, Twittos, facebookers, Instagrammers... through appropriate affiliation options. The platform allows influencers to easily monetize ALL of their social networks with campaigns that interest them.



AB Tasty is a testing and personalization solution to improve conversion rates. The "for App" option easily optimizes the interface of a mobile application, and user experience, without having to resubmit the application to stores.



Akanoo combines customer knowledge with an advanced technology using the main methods of data mining and machine learning to customize visitor experience and engage them to purchase. This predictive marketing brings the expertise of a brick and mortar seller to online commerce, and is a powerful assistant to automatically manage existing traffic and analyze the behavior of every visitor in real time.



OnCrawl is the first semantic crawler dedicated to natural search engine optimization of websites. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the architecture of a website and helps detecting errors in the HTML code, linking structure and content, which may lower its ranking in search engines.


CONTENT SQUARE Content Square SaaS

With the Content Square solution as a SaaS, e-retailers can access test and optimization solutions based on new algorithms and behavioral indicators. E-marketing teams can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of their site to optimize them in real time and continuously increase sale volumes from their website.  Implementing the solution is easy: a single line of code is sufficient to fully use the tools provided.


LOGISTICS COLISWEB Ma Livraison Colisweb

Ma Livraison Colisweb is a new application to track and change deliveries.
 Consumers who choose Colisweb receive a link by SMS to track their delivery in real time, with the ability to change their delivery time or location until 15 minutes before delivery.



PiggyBaggy is a shipping solution funded by crowdsourcing. Customers of a store can retrieve their own order but also that of other customers close to their work or living place for delivery. This also works for product returns. The user experience is controlled by the retailer and the service is integrated into its loyalty program. The prototype was tested with Kesko, the second largest retailer in Finland


INPOST FRANCE E-commerce connected lockers Building a national network of e-commerce connected lockers, available 24/7. Consumers can have their orders delivered and returned, ship packages and also make them available.

The names of the 9 winners will be disclosed at the Awards Ceremony on September 21st, 2015.



  • Pierre-Alain BALY, E-Commerce Manager - AUCHAN E-COMMERCE
  • Miguel CARVALHO, E-Commerce Director - AMERICAN VINTAGE
  • Sylvain CAUBEL, Communications Director, CRM and Digital Group - BEABA
  • Pierre-Marie DESBAZEILLE, Digital and CRM Director - GRANDVISION
  • Pascal LANNOO, Customer Experience Director - VOYAGES-SNCF.COM
  • Vincent LEVY, Cross Channel and Digital Director - INTERSPORT
  • François LOVITON, Digital, E-Commerce & CRM Director - CELIO 
  • Jean-Philippe MARAZZANI, Client and Multichannel Director - GROUPE GALERIES LAFAYETTE
  • Renaud MENERAT, Chairman – MMA France
  • François MORICE, E-commerce Operations Director – MONOPRIX
  • Tatiana PECANAC AYEL, E-commerce, Digital and CRM Director – ARMAND THIERY
  • Bertrand PINEAU, In charge of new technologies – FEVAD
  • Romain ROULLEAU, E-Commerce Director - GROUPE ACCOR
  • Gérard SPATAFORA, E-Commerce Manager – MILLESIMA
  • Mathieu STAAT, Digital and International CRM / CWE Director – L’OCCITANE