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Marketing & Display

Marketing & Display
Marketing & Display

In the new concepts of connected stores, the marketing plays a crucial role in the development of in-store digital media, either to bring new services to consumers or to strengthen the role of sales assistants for better knowledge of products and stocks.

Connected, autonomous and demanding customers…

In the multi device era, consumers have access to information and can buy where they want, when they want, and from any device. The store is one of the multiple points of contact of their cross-channel routes. The digital and the physical work together and must now complete each other: the customer must have the choice to buy online and remove the item in the store or book an item that is no longer available in-store via a digital terminal to receive it at home. The usage or expectation rate for their digital in-store services is high: between 60 and 90%.1

…Tools and education to enhance the in-store customer experience 

Although consumers are demanding these new digital store services (booking terminals, virtual fitting room, ...), they are not always familiar with their existence or with their features. Communicating on the digitisation of its outlets, educating the customers and implementing appropriate signage in stores are some levers to allow a fast adoption of digital in-store services.

The Marketing & Display offer of DIGITAL(in)STORE by Equipmag

  • Sales management (Incentive / Games / Digital couponning / Loyalty programmes...)
  • Interactive terminals
  • Device for advertising / Totem
  • Sensorial Marketing
  • POS Advertising and information
  • POS Social marketing
  • Signage / Touch-table / Interactive shop window 

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1 Digital Store Barometer conducted by Extrême+Sensio with Ipsos, December 2014