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5 questions to 3Li Business Solution

Dany Zrihen - 3LI Business

3Li Business Solution provides services specialising in the publication of vertical ERP and CRM solutions exclusively for the Microsoft Dynamics platform.


Dany Zrihen - 3LI Business

Dany Zrihen, 

Business Manager Fashion Retail at 3Li Business Solution


Can you briefly describe your activity?

3Li provides services specialising in the publication of vertical ERP and CRM solutions exclusively for the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Our solution responds to the specific needs of retailers. 3Li Retail is the ideal solution to optimize your management processes and support the development of your brand in France and abroad. Then companies can manage all the business functions of the head office, the central procurement and stores in a completely integrated solution. Our solution is unique in France and the Microsoft Dynamics solution already has over one million users worldwide.

In addition, the company provides a full range of services: analysis, advice, development, adjustment, training, assistance and project monitoring, as well as supplementary products that guarantee a project's success.

What are the trends in your market?

One of the first trends is the Cloud. The interest is to access data from any connected computer to the Internet. There are many benefits: saving space, resources, time and money. The user can freely access its documents whatever the machine he uses. With the Cloud, a part of the information system is not designed, developed and hosted in the company following long and heavy investment projects, but used online, on demand and paid for its use.

Then, the  interactive interfaces have amplified this trend of sharing and collaboration between internal and external co-workers. This is why it is important now for ERP structures to offer intuitive, flexible and agile user interfaces for a better navigation and to increase productivity. The creation of community by interests, integrated tools of social collaboration, project tracking for each employee, analytical tools ... These applications allow an active participation of employees, which will sometimes be rewarded through a system which calculates their interactions.

The mobility has also become a necessity for several years for companies. The ERP applications on mobile phones or even tablets now allow employees to access the information they need, wherever they are and at any time. Employees of a company may be required to travel and they need to be able to access information wherever they are. So first, corporate sales forces are equipped with a mobile ERP because having access to information at any time and regardless of where one is located is a necessity in terms of productivity. Allowing an immediate access to information when needed, the mobile ERP gives a tenfold productivity advantage, because all information about the company can be consulted while on the move. An employee in mission abroad can edit order forms, consult the company’s product catalogue or make a quote instantly with his phone. An advantage of mobility, but also relational, because even being away from the company, the employee who meets a customer will be able to provide all the information that he needs and give him a quote, without waiting. This great reactivity will allow to better serve the customer.

The management of e-commerce: as a real management tool, the ERP enables e-retailers  to centralize flows in a multichannel business context (online sales, traditional sales ...). Through an ERP coupled with its CMS (Magento, Joomla ...) the e-retailer will benefit of many advantages in a single centralized solution without modifying his website:

  • Shipment preparation
  • Margins monitoring
  • Purchasing Management - supplier orders
  • Comprehensive stocks management

Therefore, the e-retailer can improve his productivity and the quality of his customer relationship while having a detailed overview of his business.

Who are your current customers and what targets would you like to reach?

We serve many customers such as: Schiaparelli, Kitsuné, Kaporal, Kappa, Pull-in, Sinéquanone, Sergio Tacchini, Casa, Festi, Keria Luminaires, Le Coq Sportif, Festi, Adidas, Pierre Hardy…

We target Fashion & Retail companies:

  • Tableware,
  • Sports Goods,
  • Shoes,
  • Jeans,
  • Lingerie,
  • Ready-to-wear fashion for men, women and children,
  • Leatherwork and Accessories…

What made you decide to exhibit at Digital (in) Store?

For several years we have participated at the Equipmag show. It seemed essential for us to participate in this new show which focuses on the new technologies dedicated to points of sale. This show offers retailers innovative tools to answer the current trends in technology, and it is essential to communicate about our company and solutions and share our technological expertise.

What do you think about the creation of Paris Retail Week?

The creation of Paris Retail Week is the KEY event that meets the various issues of retailers, particularly related to digital. This phenomenon is causing many changes, especially in the customers' buying behaviour, since they are now hyper-connected and mobile. This meeting place for professionals will provide answers to the challenges of retail and highlight several innovative technologies in a Start-up village.


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