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#ParisRetailWeek in pictures

executive lounge

Back to the 1st day

#ParisRetailWeek : Retour sur la 1ère journée

Back to the 2nd day

#ParisRetailWeek : Retour sur la 2ème journée

Back to the 3rd day

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Retour sur la 3ème journée

Focus on exhibitors

#ParisRetailWeek #DIS15 - Les Exposants Digital(in)Store

Inauguration of Paris Retail Week and official delegation

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Inauguration et visite officielle de Martine Pinville


#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Conférences et Temps Forts

The E-Commerce Awards Ceremony

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Cérémonie des E-Commerce Awards

The Rookie of the Year

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Rookie of the Year

Special events

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Les Animations

The Paris Retail Tours

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Les Stores Tours

The Digital Party

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Digital Party


#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Côté visiteurs

Dedicated areas

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Espaces dédiés

Reception and behind the scenes

#ParisRetailWeek 2015 - Accueil et coulisses