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The 2015 Start-up Village


Start-up companies specialized in retail multiply and are one of the engines of innovation and digitisation of points of sale.

We are pleased to present the start-ups you will discover during the 1st edition of Digital(in)Store in September:



Deepidoo is a company specializing in animation and digitisation of points of sale, which allows brands to stand out and make their points of sale more attractive, through sensory marketing. Retail goes omnichannel, brands must create a unity between the merchant site and the physical retail. Deepidoo offers retailers to stimulate three of the five senses of their customers: the hearing, sight and smell.


Deepidoo is involved in the development of sensory identity of stores. How? With DeepiBox, a connected mini-computer that controls the background music (music and various messages), the images projected in a store (video, photo, logo ...) and even the diffusion of artificial smells (home fragrance, product fragrance).

The leaders of a network can remotely manage the dissemination of these audio-video-olfactory contents in all of their stores. Deepidoo offers a sound database equivalent to two years of music, with a system of intelligent playlists according to several client types, and more than 3,000 fragrances.


Play by Deepidoo

To take advantage of the solution, Deepidoo has developed a web platform to store, schedule and broadcast remotely and in real time all content selected by a brand. Deepidoo implements different levels of access depending on the user. Our innovation brings real comfort for the management and distribution to retailers who can participate in two clicks to develop their musical, olfactory and digital DNA. A small revolution in a sector with still little innovation.

logo GMS

GMS - Global Multimedia Solutions' mission is to support our customers by providing the skills and expertise necessary for the implementation of digital projects (touch terminal, diffusion of information on screen, etc.). To ensure satisfaction and serenity, we are here to advise and assist in the implementation of the project and its different stages (design, manufacturing, interface development, installation and customer service).


We are providing: 

  • A design office for customization, and design your custom products.
  • A development office for your touch interface, diffusion and management of your data.
  • All our products are manufactured, assembled, tested and shipped in our production site in France.
  • medium

We take advantage of the Digital(in)Store show to present a new payment terminal designed for all types of businesses.


SimpleFid is the simplest Saas loyalty solution for independent shops. It accelerates sales while being accessible and above all profitable.

This tool allows to create and manage a customer database, segment customers and send SMS, emails or letters campaigns. It also includes a management system for dematerialized loyalty cards and sending gift vouchers.

SimpleFid is an application with a simple and intuitive interface that requires no technical skills. To use, you only require an internet connection and a computer or a tablet. No need for the customer to have its loyalty card on him or to download an application, SimpleFid takes care of everything.

SimpleFid is a solution developed by Shokola, a digital communication agency created in 2005 and carried by two associates, Jean-Yves Lafon and Arnaud Degr├Ęse, web experts for 20 years. It is organized around 3 areas of expertise: web and print design, web marketing consulting and IT development. As part of its "Shoko Lab", it develops solutions such as the "WebPlanete" offer or the "SimpleFid" solution. 


SmartPixels develops for large retailers networks an augmented reality technology based on mapping projection. Our own technology allows to exhibit an entire range of products in a small space and facilitate the trigger for purchase while integrating personalization in a unique interactive experience. We are increasing the CA / sq.m and the upsell ratio. The extreme deployability of SmartPixels products is based on their robustness, low cost and ease of integration. SmartPixels consists of a hardware part (projector and camera) with plug & play and a software that calculates in real time the position of the target object and caliber an animation scripted on it.



Wynd is a software company specializing in the digitisation of points of sale. It develops innovative technology solutions serving large catering and retail companies. After a successful fundraiser with major business angels, Wynd is more than ever focused on the future of digitisation.

And more start-up companies to discover in the Start-up Village!


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