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Focus on the international offer


Digital(in)Store will be the opportunity to meet French but also foreign companies, specializing in the digitisation of outlets.

A brief overview of the solutions developed by international companies and participating in a more global, omnichannel and connected retail.


Operating in 20 countries, Aimia is a leader in Data Driven Marketing and Customer Analytics. Aimia designs and runs customer engagement programs and smart data analytics capabilities for brands driving engaging and personalised interactions with customers.

We help retailers and brands of all sectors (Retail, Financial institutions, Travel hospitality, Airlines, Automotive and Telcom) to design loyalty strategies tailored to their business model as well as to set up their program whether they are loyalty, CRM, Digital or business intelligence ones.  

We provide our clients with the latest generation technology platforms that are powerful, flexible and quick to implement for the management of their program and customer database, and for behavioral and predictive analysis by leveraging customer transactions (both Off and On Line) and interactions.

Aimia also operates multi partners’ loyalty coalitions such as Nectar (UK and Italy) with almost 30 million members and Aeroplan (Canada) and pursue their development across geographies.

Aimia operates Card Linked Offers (CLO) solutions for numerous banks and retailers with Cardlytics.


Openbravo (Spain) is a world leader in the commercial open source software space helping midsize to large organizations in 60+ countries around the globe successfully to manage continuous change and innovation by providing business management solutions that deliver a high degree of agility, responsiveness and usability, including a state-of-the-art multichannel retail solution, the Openbravo Commerce Suite, and a global management solution, the Openbravo Business Suite, both built on top of a highly flexible and extendable platform that allows companies a higher focus in differentiation and innovation.

Openbravo solutions are exclusively distributed through a network of Official Openbravo Partners. 

TC Group Solutions

Companies need to explore what happens in their stores, in order to understand the behavior of their customers and find effective ways to increase profit, efficiency and customer service while identifying new business opportunities.

In order to help companies in this endeavor, TC Group Solutions has developed an ample range of Retail Intelligence® Solutions, set of Business Intelligence tools and applications focused on the creation and management of knowledge through the collection, processing and analysis of information generated in a Retail company.

The Retail Intelligence devices and software enable clients to view the typical internal variables of a company (range, place, pricing, promotion, staff, sales) relative to customer behavior such as shopper flow statistics, dwell time, hot spots, etc. in order to control new KPI’s and get a full table board.

This year at the Digital(in)Store convention (on stand N 013), TC Group Solutions will introduce its new intelligent POS display with which the company is also expanding into the qualitative analysis. The intelligent POS display is able to qualitatively and quantitatively identify potential customers through an optical camera technology coupled with a Wi-Fi receiver. This technology identifies the sex, the age and mood of the potential customer and the direction of his gaze and time spent in front of the intelligent POS display. Moreover, through the analysis of visits repetition frequency which is possible with the Wi-Fi receiver, this module also allows to know the loyalty rate. This is the first display capable to identify qualitative and quantitative data as well as consumers visit frequency.


Zoined is originally a Finnish company that offers Retail and Hospitality Analytics as a cloud based service. Today they have offices in two further countries and are looking to open in two more during 2015.

They collect data from stores and venues with POS data being the main source, complemented by time & attendance systems, people counters, RFID, e-commerce platforms etc. Data is uploaded to a cloud-based platform where it is analyzed and presented back to the users in a very accessible, visual format. They provide metrics around sales volumes, margins, hit rate, customer segmentation, product and category performance (including waste for food retail), product correlations, channel performance, and inventory.

Unlike generic BI tools, Zoined is an off-the-shelf solution with ready-made dashboards and reports, focusing on giving the analytical ability back to store and department managers. Implementation requires no IT-project. All tailoring is done by selecting subsets of the data and applying filters, all which is done in the terminology of the business user, not IT.